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Lego/Beer Advent GIFs 2017

Back by popular Demand, it’s lego/Craft Beer Advent gifs. I love LEGO (who doesn’t?) and I also love beer (…) so what could be better than LEGO and beer advent calendars?

This year, I scored a sweet, unopened LEGO Kingdom’s calendar from 2010. Looking forward to another year of building and drinking delicious beers from Craft Beer Imports.

Day Twenty Three: Sweet Baby Java from Du Claw Brewing. Another great porter. Lego medieval meth lab? (one of those days when Star Wars Lego advent seemed like the better choice)

Day Twenty Two: Santa’s Sac from Bridge Brewing. Today’s beer tastes way better than the name sounds. Lego was a bird in a tree sooooo…

Day Twenty One: Saison from La Débauche. My most favourite yet. Delicious beer. What sound does a crossbow make?

Day Twenty: Gingerbread Man from Loncium. This one tastes like cookies. Catapults make for really fun animations.

Day Nineteen: Baltic Porter from Sound Brewery. This is a really smooth porter. Almost as smooth as this guys moves…

Day Eighteen: Salted Caramel Coffee Stout from Tickety Brew. This beer is best described as fun. Great flavour, and the live yeast was, well, fun. It may have made the beer a bit stronger while it made it’s way overseas as well. Lego was a bit mundane today, so this guy is doomed to slice an endless apple into a pot that never fills up.

Day Seventeen: Power Wagon Wheat Wine from Big Sky Brewing. Lego keg was very fitting. Best not waste any wheat wine…

Day Sixteen: Ditto Doppel Bock Ale from Wold Top Brewing. Again, very christmas-y beer. Kissing frogs does not always lead to a prince.

Day Fifteen: Bridge Street Holiday Ale from Crazy Mountain brewing. Spicy and delicious. I assume this is what the spinny fake soldiers are for?

Day Fourteen: Dark Signs from White Pony. And I thought day 13 was heavy at 8%, along comes this beer. Sword’s in stones. Harder than they look.

Day Thirteen: Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale from The Duck-Rabbit Brewery. Wee heavy is right at 8%. Strong beer and that hair-do calls for some wee heavy metal head banging.

Day Twelve: Half Bastard stout from Nickel Brook Brewing Co.. Love this constructivist label. Nice and chocolatey and Canadian to boot. LEgo was a weird, cute little pig with an apple, so I had to go all axe murder-y to make it more exciting.

Day Eleven: Dasher & Dancer Red ale-ish from Brouwerij De Molen. Maybe it’s the Dutch in me but I love everything these people make. Jail windows are hard to animate, so more creepy skeletons.

Day Ten: Le Grimoire Shamans from Le Grimoire Microbrasserie. Crazy red eyed Shaman makes skeletons come to life, but then immediately fall apart. Not as apple-y as you’d think.

Day Nine: Palate Trip Sour IPA from 8 Wired. Not as sour as most sours, which is a great thing. You’re probably wondering how he fits in there…

Day Eight: American Imperial Stout from Clown Shoes Beer. Stout-fest 2017 continues with this tasty american brew thats as delicious as the label is crazy. Watch out for sneaky peeps behind your chair…

Day Seven: ‘Grisette Belgian Ale’ from Camba Bavaria. Frogs are gross. Don’t kiss them. This beer is not gross. Drink it.

Day Six: ‘Beaver’s Milk Stout’ from Belching Beaver Brewery. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on. And if you don’t have a protein pill, drink this hearty, delicious beer. Once again, after judging the book by its cover, I assumed this was a Canadian beer (see Cocanuck Stout, Day 3). Everyone want’s to be Canadian I guess.

Day Five: ‘Alien Klaw’ from Napabier. 2017 was the year of the unfiltered IPA for me (Electric Unicorn for the win) so I was supper excited to crack this Belgian IPA this afternoon. So good. Also, a spiky wheelbarrow?

Day Four: ‘The Quads Are Not What They Seem’ from Evil Twin Brewing. You’d never know this beer is 10%. Smooth, sweet and delicious. Don’t go waving around your spiky ball-on-a-chain after too many of these.

Day Three: Cocanuck Stout from Saugatuck Brewing. Bedknobs and Broomsticks was at one point my favourite movie. This beer is Coconutty and delicious and despite what you might think, not brewed in Canada. Great work Saugatuck.

Day Two: Dubbel Advent from Nøgne Ø. Last year these guys had a delicious brown ale, and this year’s dubbel did not disappoint either. Tastes like the holidays, but in a beer. Just hammering away at these to get caught up… #PunIntended – Also, Handcrafted Ale from Shipyard Brewing makes for a great light filter.

Day One: Handcrafted Ale from Shipyard Brewing. We tried smashing it open with a tiny plastic hammer but eventually resorted to unscrewing the cap…

Lego/Beer Advent GIFs 2016

I love LEGO (who doesn’t?) and I also love beer (…) so what could be better than LEGO and beer advent calendars?

When work gets stale, you sometimes need some creative outlet, so this Advent season, I’ll be showing off my sweet Star Wars Advent LEGO sets along with my fancy European Beers, while giving myself a nice daily break to drink a beer and build some LEGO. Everyone wins. (mostly me)

Here are my favourites from 2016

Day Twenty Four! The elusive Chewbacca finally showed up on the last day, so he get’s the sasquatch treatment. The most christmas-y beer yet goes to this December Flower Winter Ale from Brouwerij Het Nest of Belgium. Happiest of Holidays everyone, thanks for tagging along.

Day Nineteen. Shepherd’s Watch from Wold Top Brewery getting attacked by an angry young Jedi who clearly has poor taste in beer.

Day Nine is my new favourite. (Sorry day three, it was nice while it lasted…) I’m not big on stouts, but this Deep Space Foreign Extra Stout from Fabryka Piwa of Poland is a definite exception. Also, DEEP SPACE!!!

Day Three. The Finns make great metal along with great beer. A dark lager from Teerenpeli Brewery. This is my most favourite GIF yet, Vader orbiting infinitely around a tasty lager in an eerie, horrific type fashion.

The Gifs

In which John finally makes use of some of the thousands of photos he’s taken over the years, practices his illustration skills, and occasionally plays with Lego.

The Gifs - Randon Design - Heavy Metal PuppetHeavy metal puppet. Catching up after I’ve been slacking with the gifs.


The Gifs - Randon Design - Slave Lake - PantoneAdding Chaos to Serenity. Throwing rocks into Slave Lake. Special shout out to Rose Quartz & Serenity, Pantones colours of the year for 2016.


The Gifs - Randon Design - JasperThrow Way Way Back to Boogie Patrol at the North Country Fair.


The Gifs - Randon Design - JasperJasper, Alberta circa 2008.


The Gifs - Randon Design - LegoBrand Rule 3.2: Randon Design may only be written by its initals R & D when insufficient amount of Lego bricks are available to write it out in its entirety.


The Gifs - Randon Design - WalkI can’t be weird and clever every day, so today is brought to you by photos from the Euro trip I took 8ish years ago. Because Randon Design has a serious side… Sometimes…


The Gifs - Randon Design - GlassesNo need to check your glasses, you saw correctly. I’m freelancing again. Randon Design and your business go together like cut-offs and tube socks.


The Gifs - Randon Design - Dog

Everyone and their dog is talking about hiring Randon Design for their design needs…