Logo Design

Randon Design provides professional freelance logo design in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Launching a new business, or need a brand refresh? I’ve got you covered.

Zebra Landscaping - Freelance Logo Design in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Zebra Landscaping – Logo Design

Zebra Landscaping’s mission is to support homeowners and commercial businesses in the growth of healthy yards and ecosystems in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Loral Management Group - Freelance Logo Design in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Loral Management Group – Logo Design

Two hands show LMG and their clients coming together to create a whole. Space between hands shows the business path referencing copy from LMG website. “We walk alongside you in a process of discovery, learning, and solution.”

Two Pine Consulting

Two Pine Consulting – Logo Design

logo designed for Two Pine Consulting located on Two Pine Hill in Bragg Creek, Alberta.

Unlock – A New Way of Authenticating – Logo Design

Shane Brass was developing an app and approached me to tackle branding and design.

The Groovy Vegan - Freelance Logo Design in Edmonton, Alberta

The Groovy Vegan – Logo Design

These guys were looking for an authentic 60’s hippy hand drawn style of logo. We found our inspiration in a Grateful Dead poster (naturally) and from there created an organic, flowing, hand drawn logo that was as groovy as their name. 60’s hippy culture meets the modern vegan.

Cash & Cars Lottery - Freelance Logo Design in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Alberta Cancer Foundation Cash & Cars Lottery – Logo Design

When the Alberta Cancer Foundation acquired the Cash & Cars Lottery, they needed a logo design to marry the two brands.