Randonisations – A New Look, Again…

2nd post in one day! Whaaaat?!

As another few months have rolled by, i’ve again grown sick of my website, and decided to try a new look.  It’s also just a nice way of taking short breaks from my regular work throughout the day to do something more personal.

I feel it’s a good sign to never be satisfied with one’s own work.  I am surrounded by amazing designers all day thanks to the small world that is the internet, so it just makes me want to be better and better, which is probably a better way of going then just sitting there feeling you suck in comparison to everyone else.

Let me know what you think, pretty please!  This industry thrives on criticism! It’s the biggest thing i miss since I left school.

I’m curious if I can pull off teal, I’m also thinking of a new logo, who knows.  Maybe no teal? I dunno. Obviously there will be more content, I just want to get a feel for how people feel about the feel of the design. feeeeeeeel.




Randonisation #28 – A New Look

I have re-designed my website yet again.  I’ve decided to finally embrace the fact that websites should look like websites, not all that hand made stuff.  It just wouldn’t translate digitally.  I’m trying to hold a 70’s look but with a modern flair.  There’s a couple of bugs to work out yet, but It’s almost there.  Let me know what you think!

Randonisation #23 – Web woes!

I never really wanted to be a web designer, but the market seems too vast and lucrative to pass up.  I feel we should have gotten a bit more web at MacEwan, but what can one do?  I am now attempting to tackle the skill on my own.  Trial and error always seems the fastest way to learn anyways.  Today I launched the new look for my own website, but obviously there are a few bugs that are beyond me.  I guess the good news is it keeps getting easier.


Every post should have some visual aspect, so a couple from the archives.

North Country Fair 2009

Randonisation #12- Rayban’s

Watercolor paper texture, Grunge and Vinyl, all you need is a little posterization and you pretty have the 4 elements of Randon Design. I think Rayban built their website with me in mind.  Colours, textures, fonts, right down to the black and white photography.  Online heaven.  The animations are sweet and (on my computer at least) were seemless and fast.

There are also these profiles, which I’m not sure how one gets in, but i’d like to have one.  Music movies and aviators, brilliant!

I Find the site easy to navigate, and it’s never boring.  Great graphics combined with cool animation made for an excellent experience, and made me want to explore the entire site.  They took a simple product, applied it to a lifestyle, and hit a key demographic.

Now I want some raybans, dammit.