Randonisation #36 – Shuffle Mode

Shuffle mode in Itunes can really send you for a ride.

The gift and curse of good music is how easily it can affect your outlook  on life, and it can do so in a VERY small amount of time.  It becomes too relatable, and can directly effect your mood in spans of 3-6 minutes.

You can listen to one song, and gain a sense of hope and determination.  It can stir up a fight and sense of entitlement.

Minutes later the song is over, leading to the next, which  can just as quickly lead you to a sense of resignation and acceptance of the things that just seconds earlier you had built up the willingness to fight for, and just as fast, the next song can stir up resentment and anger, all based on notes and lyrics, whose authors never even had you specifically in mind when they wrote them.

Then randomly a totally rediculous song pops up (thank you, Edguy), and you are left feeling foolish for getting so caught up in it all in the first place.

I find it all quite exhausting.


Randonisation #32 – Dribbble

Attempt at getting drafted, worth a shot…  Digital illustration of Keith Richards

You can view more of my work at www.randondesign.com

Randonisation #30 – Existential Crisis

Son of a bitch.

Randonisation #13 – Munny

After seeing all of Chris‘ munny posts, I finally got around to posting mine.  I know it’s been a while.  Thanks to everyone who gave their input as to who i should do. Zissou did get the most votes, But my dad voted Cobain, and he’s  the most important vote of all, so sorry.   Democracy fails yet again.