Randonisations – Show Your Pair

Photography and Copy Writing for Alberta Cancer Foundation

What seems like forever ago, my uncle told me he checked weekly to see if I put up a new post or updated my site. What seems like even longer ago was the last time I actually did post anything.

After having the privilege of attending The Gathering recently, I have some new perspective and inspiration. I have started to put in to words how I define myself, what kind of designer I want to be, and who I want to design for in the hopes of building a career based on doing things I’m passionate about for equally passionate clients. Not only do I feel that these choices should lead to more passionate work, but more excitement in sharing that work, and most importantly, meeting new people who share the same passions that I do.

I have already posted a few new projects on the revamped site (and finally integrated the blog…), and should have more and more coming over the next short while, so stay tuned.

Here’s one I am particularly happy with from last fall, where I had the opportunity to help with some copy writing (an underused skill I’m always thrilled to utilize) based on a 18-35 year old male demographic, a demographic in which I fall smack-dab in the middle. I am extremely proud of the “show your pair” hash tag, and even more proud of how the photo shoot turned out. Through the sale of Good Luck Sock‘s, the Alberta Cancer Foundation was raising money for Prostate Cancer Awareness.

Photography and copy writing for Alberta Cancer Foundation fundraiser with Luck Sock Co.

Photography and copy writing for the Alberta Cancer Foundation fundraiser with Good Luck Sock Co.

More work can be found linked above.

Randonisation #40 – Picture o’ the day!

Have posted nothing for a while, which is shaeful, I know.  And, knowing that at least my mom and dad check my blog semi-regularily, thought i should do something, so i dug up an olllld photo.  It’s a bit of a sad one, but i like it!  Maybe you do too, that is, if you’re  into dying, wilting flowers.

This was taken for a MacEwan class, in which we learned SLR photography using only blk/wht film.  I loved the class, and I still feel I may want to pick up a film camera sometime.  Something about the thought of creating an image using actual light, with nothing digital happening in between, just makes me kind of happy.  As I don’t have access to a scanner at the moment (which i really should, as a designer. pfft) Here is a digital photograph of a non-digital photograph.  How lame is that. Either way, here’s my photo o’ the day! Cheers!


Randonisation #20- European streets

No matter how many cities I have visited, I never get sick of these little streets.  The Europeans are very economical with their space, it’s very impressive.  I think I take my space at home for granted.

Randonisation #19 – Holy Crap It’s been a while!

Whilst sitting in my dorm in Nice, I was editing some photos and ready to put some up on the old facebook, but thought hey, better to get the old blog up and running again, so if people want to see the pictures, they can put a little effort in.  I’ve felt rather inspired picture wise lately, especially because my camera has been having some issues, but tuscany renewed my photographic energy.

Randonisation # 15 -Papparrazi

I like to take pictures of beautiful things, so naturally I’ve taken, or tried to take, hundreds of pictures of Jennie.  I tend to get annoying with the camera, especially after a few beers, and since jennie is not always eager to have her picture taken, she has to be on her guard most of the time.  Thus, i have lots of attempted pictures of jennie that she has blocked with her ninja-like skills.  I think these pictures really capture our relationship.  She sits there all beautiful and annoyed at her nuisance of a boyfriend.

Randonisation #10 – The ‘rents

Here are the two wonderful people that raised me. Got my moms looks and my Dad’s attitude. I can never remember being mad or embarrassed with my parents, and I consider myself very lucky because of that. They are open-minded, loving and incredibly strong, and they emulate everything I strive to be. This is as sappy as it gets on my blog, so enjoy it while you can.

This was taken at thanksgiving.
My mom was recently in the hospital, but they allowed her a pass so we could enjoy a thanksgiving dinner at my sisters house.


Randonisation #8 – White Man’s Overbite

A classic dance move, the “white mans (or womans) overbite, demonstrated beautifully by my sister Karen. In this unseasonably cold weather, I thought it would be nice to take a flashback to summer and music festival season.

Randonisation #7 – Jennie’s Giant Feet

Jennie is the most beautiful girl in the world, but I have to admit, sometimes I have trouble not gawking at her size 12 feet…


At least she has good taste in shoes.

Randonisation #4 – Sunny Days

Since I was recently digging through old pictures from Pemberton Music Festival, I came across these photos of my sister Adriana and her roommate Karen. Karen in the background is pretty priceless. The whole setup is pretty rediculous, and it wasn’t staged. I guess that whole weekend was pretty rediculous…