Randonisation #39 – Pink Floyd Experiment #3

So I think this will be it for pink floyd/ david gilmour experiments for a while.  New experiments to begin next week.

Heres a quick break down of what i used to make up the back grounds, because process is always fun.  Photos were taken on my 2nd Eurotrip. more visible when you click on it.


If anyone ever wants to play some photoshop tennis, let me know!

Randonisation #38 – Pink Floyd Experiment number 2

One of my favorite things about design, is that if you take a project, complete it, then start from scratch again, odds are you will like it even better.  My new goal is to make a new one of these every day (every day ish), and see what happens, and like i said, it’s a good little lunch break activity from the regular grind.

Randonisation #37 – Pink Floyd Experiment #1

I try to keep doing little side projects for fun, just to escape the repetitiveness that my regular work can often bring.  Heres a little photoshop experimentation with the David Gilmour illustration i posted earlier.  The lyric comes from the song “remember a day”, a classic. It started to get a sort of comic book feel as the layers started to develop.  more experiments to follow.


Randonisation #29 – Tablet

Anyone who works with a tablet should definately look into manga studio.  Now I have no interest in manga, But the program is fantastic, so don’t let the name throw you off.  It is far more intuitive and sensitive to pressure then photoshop, and I don’t think I will ever be able to go back when it comes to digitally “inking” drawings.

Now for any of you who ever wanted to know what I would look like older and balder, here you go.

Randonisation #24 – Alex Pardee

In a drawing class at MacEwan, one project was to make a series of drawings in the style of an Artist we liked.  I came across Alex Pardee’s work when I saw an advertisement for his work on a t-shirt line for Hurley called “Night of the Treeple“.  It’s pretty dark stuff, but I loved his style and incredible imagination.  Half of the challenge was to come up with strange enough ideas, let alone try to emulate his technique.  Here are a couple of my failing attempts.

Randonisation #22 – Neonisation

I am currently working on some T-shirt designs for Edmonton’s very own SisterGray!  In keeping with the cover design I did for their debut album (which I will save for future blogging), I went with an 80’s Neon Archie comic-ish theme.  A bit of work to do yet, but coming along.

Randonisation #18 -Business Card Critique Please!

Here is my potential business card, I was going for an old movie poster look. let me know what you think and where you feel i can improve.