Randonisation #39 – Pink Floyd Experiment #3

So I think this will be it for pink floyd/ david gilmour experiments for a while.  New experiments to begin next week.

Heres a quick break down of what i used to make up the back grounds, because process is always fun.  Photos were taken on my 2nd Eurotrip. more visible when you click on it.


If anyone ever wants to play some photoshop tennis, let me know!

Randonisation #38 – Pink Floyd Experiment number 2

One of my favorite things about design, is that if you take a project, complete it, then start from scratch again, odds are you will like it even better.  My new goal is to make a new one of these every day (every day ish), and see what happens, and like i said, it’s a good little lunch break activity from the regular grind.

Randonisation #37 – Pink Floyd Experiment #1

I try to keep doing little side projects for fun, just to escape the repetitiveness that my regular work can often bring.  Heres a little photoshop experimentation with the David Gilmour illustration i posted earlier.  The lyric comes from the song “remember a day”, a classic. It started to get a sort of comic book feel as the layers started to develop.  more experiments to follow.


Randonisation #35 – David Gilmour

While packing up some of my belongings, I came across this illustration of David Gilmour I did while at Grant MacEwan.  I had completely forgotten about it, but it brought back some good memories of the amazing life of being a student.  Miss those days alot.  I love the rigidness of it, came out looking pretty ‘dark’, and I love how these kinds of illustrations come together when you take a few steps back.  I hope to do some sort of poster or something with this in the future.

Pink Floyd, I love you.

Randonisation #32 – Dribbble

Attempt at getting drafted, worth a shot…  Digital illustration of Keith Richards

You can view more of my work at www.randondesign.com

Randonisation #25 – Mad Men

After finally getting into MadMen about a year ago or so, I have started wishing I could be a copy-writer.  (It should however be noted, that this show also makes me want to drink rye and smoke all day, it’s a terrible influence.)  Either way, It inspires me to be a bit more clever with my words, As well as to write every little idea that pops into my head down, because you never know when it might come in handy.


Here is my new favorite copy-writing agency, who came up with my inspirational quote of the day.

“I scream, you scream, we all scream when we’re chased by bears.”

-Ministry of Imagery



Every post should have some sort of image, here’s an old one from MacEwan that felt somewhat appropriate.


Randonisation #24 – Alex Pardee

In a drawing class at MacEwan, one project was to make a series of drawings in the style of an Artist we liked.  I came across Alex Pardee’s work when I saw an advertisement for his work on a t-shirt line for Hurley called “Night of the Treeple“.  It’s pretty dark stuff, but I loved his style and incredible imagination.  Half of the challenge was to come up with strange enough ideas, let alone try to emulate his technique.  Here are a couple of my failing attempts.

Randonisation #3 – Mini Cooper

In my first year of Design at MacEwan, I became a part of the Design Students Organization . We did a fundraiser that involved designing and auctioning off Munnies.

For those who don’t know, Munnies are these little vinyl figurine sort of things made by Kidrobot that many designers have taken to customizing. People take them in some pretty crazy directions and they are worth researching.

I was pumped to recently find out we are doing it again this year, and i hope to take it to the next level this year. My first one was a fairly reserved attempt, but it turned out pretty cool. I made mine into a little Alice Cooper, named Mini Cooper (like the car!).

I think I was more proud of the name then the Munny. I never got a good official photo of the final with the snake due to unfortunate circumstances, but here it is. Some Alice Cooper fan bought it and got my info and talked about me maybe doing some future work for his band.