Randonisation #40 – Picture o’ the day!

Have posted nothing for a while, which is shaeful, I know.  And, knowing that at least my mom and dad check my blog semi-regularily, thought i should do something, so i dug up an olllld photo.  It’s a bit of a sad one, but i like it!  Maybe you do too, that is, if you’re  into dying, wilting flowers.

This was taken for a MacEwan class, in which we learned SLR photography using only blk/wht film.  I loved the class, and I still feel I may want to pick up a film camera sometime.  Something about the thought of creating an image using actual light, with nothing digital happening in between, just makes me kind of happy.  As I don’t have access to a scanner at the moment (which i really should, as a designer. pfft) Here is a digital photograph of a non-digital photograph.  How lame is that. Either way, here’s my photo o’ the day! Cheers!